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Glorious Airport IT: Empowering Airport Organization Leaders with better Decision Management Platform using BI and AI.

Glorious Airport Analytics is a solution offered by Glorious Airport IT, which is in true sense providing Data & AI solutions build for all the department of Airport. Our AI based offering is helping our Airport clients to look at their Airport data with a different perspectives that helps them to control, manage and grow the airport business.
We have engineered a Big Data Platform with AI based Deep Learning capabilities to drive growth.
Glorious Airport Analytics is committed to simplifying complex data handling at airports while delivering a seamless reporting and data acquisition experience. Glorious Airport Analytics, an Airport Insight solution is a next-gen Data & AI offering, which is defining and delivering transformative experiences for the global and most innovative airports using Data & AI technologies. With the combination of Digital and Machine Learning, Glorious Airport IT becomes the preferred partner for managing end-to-end data journeys for airports around the world.

A 360 Degree Overview of Airport Operations

Airport Data is the key to making intelligent, fact-based decisions. Get a 360 view of airport operations, passenger flows, queue wait times, and many more inputs in one easy to use dashboard.

Data-driven Insights to Plan Optimally, Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs

The Glorious Airport Analytics Solution is powered by a team of experts capable of delievring excellence to airport operations of any scale. With our services, airports are enabled with more accurate forecasting, increased operational efficiency, enhanced passenger experience and fully utilized commercial & growth potential.

Track Assets Across the Entire Terminal

Visualize all assets including carts, wheelchairs, mobile FIDS, and expensive equipment in real-time on the airport terminal maps. Set alerts to get notified when assets move or leave defined geofences to reduce asset loss. View reports on asset utilization and plan staging areas for maximum efficiency.

Glorious Airport Analytics: Optimising Processes, Improving Productivity & Minimising Costs

Our solutions is a powerful data processing system that is based on a platform which seemlessly collects, transforms, and stores large amounts of real-time data, both structured and unstructured and provides business insights for more informed decision making. The key features of our solution are:
• Seemlessly collect, process and aggregate data as it is generated
• Consume both streaming and batch data sources, as well as multiple data formats
• Get access to a sophisticated Data analytics platform, making use of real-time data and historic data for analysis
• Enjoy long-term data storage as standard — facilitating historical reporting, time-based analysis and raw message inspection with ease.
• Consuming pre-built machine learning models; automating all the manual processes, to empower the proposed solution.

Streamlining Airport Operations with the Power of Data, AI & Machine Learning

Continuously operating flights and adapting to unforeseen changes such as disruption or delays are at the core of airport operations.
Glorious Airport Operations enables the overview and management of all flight records while providing a solid and automated solution to frequent repetitive operations such as flight disruptions. It is instrumental in reducing costs, improving customer experience, and enhancing safety.

A 360 Degree View of your entire Airport Operations

• Increasing efficiency and quality of daily operations across the airport by providing a single source of truth
• Managing and storing all flight records to ensure optimal planning and governance
• Persona-based dashboards catering to the needs of various roles at the airport
• Real-time reporting platform for time-critical activities
• Ensuring the data sanctity across all the channels
• Providing a single source of truth across multiple stakeholders to simplify cross-communication and planning
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To be the world's biggest Next-gen Data company exclusively dedicated to airport experience. making a billion complex data interactions simple every year.


At Glorious Airport Insight we constantly strive to find a better way to deliver superior customer experience. We have three core values that run through everything we do.


Observing financial and intellectual honesty. Taking personal responsibility and facing reality, regardless of consequences.

Customer Orientation

Always seeing things from the customer’s perspective. Identifying the customer’s unstated as well as emerging needs.

Future Mindedness

Staying in touch with new developments. Consistently questioning existing assumptions and making new ideas work.

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