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Combining Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to streamline Airport Operations

Powered by years of airport analytics expertise, we provide a unique reporting solution that provides a real-time overview of the airport operations for improved planning and strategically aligned decision making, as well as monitoring of all key performance indicators relevant to the airport. Our real-time data analytics, visualisation and predictive modelling capability shows how the passengers are engaging at the airport, time spent at each of the places of the airport like, check-in counters, retail stores, lounges, wait areas, etc. We analyze what works for particular passenger types and what doesn’t. Our airport analytics platform helps identify what opportunities and bottlenecks exist to improve performance and streamline the operations.

Glorious Airport Analytics Modules

CEO Dashboard

CFO Dashboard

Airlines Marketing Analytics

Quality & Services Analytics

Terminal Operations Analytics

Aero & Non-Aero Commercial Analytics

Air Cargo Analytics

Environment & Sustainability Analytics

Operations Analytics

Finance Analytics

Ground Handling Analytics

Car Parking Analytics

Ground Transportation Analytics

Airport Facilities & Estate Management Analytics

Human Resource Analytics

Technical Architecture

Glorious Airport Insight proposes architecture that fits the business needs of Airport industry. Our architecture design is technology agnostic and works seamlessly with all leading platforms like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Pentaho, and so on. Glorious Airport Analytics solution architecture comprises airport-specific enterprise data warehouse/ datalake, incorporating an integrated stack of sophisticated technology components that are unique for each of our client’s specific business needs.

Real-time Intelligence for Improving Passenger Experience & Building Operational Efficiencies

A Better Understanding of Passengers

Airport terminals are facilities that provide a variety of activities related to both the preparation of the passengers for their air trip (aero) and their free time inside the terminal (non-aero). The non-aero activities of the passengers generate the highest revenue for the airports. The established revenue generating role of non-aero activities requires planners and the management to better understand passenger behavior.
Our data analysts use airport analytics to collect passenger information who move across various checkpoints at their airport, like their gender, arrival times, baggage-check, to analyse the amount of time spent at various locations. This helps in understanding the overall experience of the passengers and their buying behaviour in the non-aero activities.

Identification of Pain Points in Airport Processes

Airport processes, like boarding and check-in, have a huge impact on the passenger experience. It’s important that the time involved in such processes are carefully monitored and analyzed for better optimization.
Glorious Airport Analytics studies processes using data and develops predictive models to anticipate trends in various processes. Using these models, airports can identify peak times, not just during seasons, but based on weeks, days and even hours. They can use this information to allocate resources to boost capacity during these peak times and provide customers with a better experience. Our priority is to help deliver a better experience for the passenger by providing solutions that underpin how airports better relate to their customers.

Optimized Airport Operations

It’s important to use the information to create actionable knowledge for your operations. That means harnessing data from multiple channels in multiple formats: historical flight data, real-time flight data, historical airport operational data and much more. Data models and algorithms let airports go far beyond best guesses. With access to the right technology and platform to derive insights, the management can have a bird’s eye view of the airport operations and can take decisions to optimize the processes for better results and outcomes.

Glorious Airport Analytics: Key Differentiators of Our Service


Extract Key Growth Information from your Airport Data

  • Pax demand planning
  • Staff planning
  • Terminal layout planning
  • Infrastructure/Asset utilization and planning

Benefit from the available Airlines Data and improve Airport Operations

  • Flight closure analysis
  • Staff and infrastructure utilization analysis
  • Queue time analysis
  • Peak time prediction & analysis
  • Transfer analysis/short connection/rush list analysis
  • Flight route and capacity analysis
  • Aircraft and related performance analysis
Ground Handler

Data from all activities from touch-down to take-off

  • Baggage volume and movement analysis
  • Baggage prediction analysis
  • Baggage journey analysis
  • Staff & infrastructure utilization
  • Baggage choke point analysis
Duty Free/Retail

Extend customized and location-based recommendations to consumers

  • Sales and revenue analysis
  • Passenger movement and behaviour analysis
  • Passenger and flight volume analysis
Transport Vendor(s)

Keep a track of the vendor performance to check Airport Expenses

  • Inventory analysis
  • Staff analysis

In-Depth analysis of Air Passenger and Air Cargo markets

  • Benchmarking of indices
  • Occupancy and capacity analysis
  • Route analysis
  • Passenger volume analysis
  • On time performance analysis
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Only 5% of the World’s Population have ever been to an Airport.

Interestingly, there a lot of the un-tapped business opportunities for airports which can be tapped with better passenger experience.

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